Letter From The President

1025 Ridgeway Avenue, Coquitlam, B. C. V3J 1S4
Office: 604-937-3863 Lounge: 604-937-0111

January 2015


Dear Comrades:

Happy New Year and welcome to a successful 2015 at Branch #263.

The mission of the Royal Canadian Legion is to serve veterans, which includes serving military and RCMP members and their families, to promote remembrance and to serve our communities and our country.

Branch #263 is committed to this statement. Having said this, your Executive and Executive Committee have met and put together a “Living” plan for 2015. “Living” means that this plan is meant to be flexible and able to change through the democratic processes outlined by the Royal Canadian Legion and our Membership’s direction.

The direction we have chosen is to move forward in a positive and progressive manner. To accomplish this your Executive is submitting the following to you for your perusal, consideration and your support.

Communication – We are committed to ensuring that our membership is kept informed on all issues concerning our Branch through both internal and external written and electronic communications. By doing this we hope to alleviate any concerns which could interfere with the positive direction we are creating at Branch #263.

Administrative and Operational Systems – We will be reviewing all systems within our Branch. This is being done to ensure that we are being as efficient as possible using the best business practices.

Structured Reporting – All Executive Members and Committee Chairpersons will be submitting their reports in writing. These reports will be given to our Membership at each monthly General meeting for your consideration and discussion where necessary. Again we put this to you to assist in positive dialogue during meetings and negate “Lounge chatter” which could be inaccurate and cause concern to our members.

Membership Participation – As you are aware we have a number of Executive Committees within our Branch, e.g. Ways and Means, House, Membership, etc. Some of these are a “committee of one” – if any of our members have an interest in our Committee functions we are very much encouraging your participation (many hands make light work), so jump on board. If you have ideas or suggestions on how to improve our operations please forward them to the appropriate Vice President either in writing or by email so they can be considered as another positive way for us to move forward.

Executive Allocation of Responsibilities – During our discussions it was decided that along with each Executive Member’s prescribed duties he or she would oversee and assist our Directors with their activities within our Branch. This decision was made to improve communications and avoid overlaps and undue delay in completing tasks efficiently. The allocations are as follows:

President – Wayne Melymick – all prescribed duties, Youth and Sports.

1st Vice President – Bruce Ballantyne – special events organization and action, i.e. Remembrance Day, Candlelight Ceremony, Parades, Travelling Gavel, Regalia stores, Entertainment.

2nd Vice President – Bill Warwick – overseeing and actions as necessary for House, Ways and Means, By-Laws review and update.

Treasurer – Bob Chapman – overseeing Legion budget, Bar & Staff, Electronic Communication, Interim Service Officer, Interim Sergeant-At-Arms.

Recording Secretary – all Legion manual defined responsibilities, Honours and Awards.

The duties of your Executive-at-Large are as follows:
Membership – Pam Brown
Sick and Visiting – Gerry Cain
Ways and Means & In-House Sports – Frank Friesen
Poppy Fund & Zone – Evelyn Mandley
Entertainment – Isabelle Nisbet
House & Youth & Sports – Bob Sutherland

The Executive acknowledges that to fulfill our mission and move forward in a positive and progressive manner it will require not only the dedication of those elected members, but also the support of all Branch #263 members.

We welcome you to join in and help make this a successful new year.

Wayne Melymick, President