Branch 263 Operational Guide and Safety Protocols for Re-opening during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As per the Provincial Guidelines:

  1.  Social distancing has been established within the branch.
  2. Before entering you must sanitize your hands and PRINT your name and phone number on the sheet provided as we are contact tracing. No exceptions.
  3. Plexiglas has been installed at the bar to shield the bar staff. 
  4. There are hand sanitizing stations within the branch for your use.
  5. Placement of the tables and chairs have been placed two meters apart. The big tables are limited to six people.  Do not move them. 
  6. Personal Protection equipment is available for the staff. 
  7. Regular sanitizing is now being practised.
  8. We have reduced our occupancy from 225 to 98.  People cannot enter if we are at our present capacity limit.

The Branch has established further guidelines:

  1. We are restricting our opening hours from 12 noon to 8 P.M. /10 P.M. weekends
  2. We will be closed on Mondays from now on and Tuesdays for the time being.
  3. No standing at the bar for the time being. 
  4. One person at a time in the entry way.
  5. Single members will sit at the small tables. 
  6. At present we are allowing members and ONE guest and members of the Ladies Auxiliary.
  7. The smoking deck is limited to seven people at a time.  The x marks the spots. 
  8. No in and out.  If you leave then you are out and may have to wait to be re-admitted. 
  9. The kitchen is closed for the time being.  All other activities are temporarily suspended.
  10. We are limiting two people at a time in the washrooms 
  11. At present only bar service is available.  Maintaining distancing while in line. 
  12. No entry or exit via the back doors except in the case of emergencies.
  13. Wash your hands!
  14. If you do not feel well please stay home.
  15. If you feel that you cannot abide by these regulations then do not come to the branch.

Please remember that all of these guidelines are temporary and will change as we progress through the various phases of opening as directed by the Provincial Government.  Your understanding and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.