Dispatches from the Front – Don’t miss these!

The Royal Canadian Legion

SUBJECT:  Dispatches from the Front – Don’t miss these!                                                                                                            

At the last Foundation meeting, the board voted to support a number of BC Regiment soldiers to embark on a pilgrimage to tour battlefields in Europe. Overall this idea had legs and 35 young people are at this very moment on their tour.

We knew you would want to follow along, so we set up a blog page for the pictures and stories from the trip. Every day or so we get a bunch of emails overnight with photos and our team (Joseph and Penny) ready them for publication.

You can follow along just about every day and see what they are seeing and look at the pictures. We are working on a photo gallery as well.

Please check in on this page as often as you can, and share the link on your social media and with friends and family.


We look forward to having some of these travellers visiting our branches when they return. I hope you will welcome them and let them visit with your members and share their stories.


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