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Joanna Griffin Bio:

My name is Joanna Griffin and I am a certified 200hr RYT in Hatha and Vinyasa and 50hr certified Yin teacher. Originally from the U.K.., I transitioned from a professional dance career to pursuing Yoga as a full time passion. Since being in Canada I have taught voluntary classes at Robert Lee YMCA on Burrard and at The Art Institute of Vancouver. I teach permanent class at Beach Yoga and Wellness, senior classes at Port Coquitlam Recreation Centre and staff yoga for Port Coquitlam City Council. My teaching is always inclusive and offers much space for freedom of expression, to go inwards and give the student the space and time to listen and communicate with themselves and become their own best guide and teacher. Classes are taught at a slow and mindful pace, with consistent integration of breath cues, transitions and stillness, as well as variations for each pose and time to indulge and explore these options. My hope is those under my guidance leave practice with a sense of peace and calm that they can hold onto as they step off their mat and share with others, creating a positive rippling effect.

Chair Yoga:
Chair yoga is a seated practice. It is a gentle way to integrate essential movement into the joints and muscles. We will work to encourage length and space through the whole body. As well as take time to work on mindfulness and breath. This practice will help to create openness and space in the body, help to reduce tension, mobilize the body, calm the mind and ease the breath while leaving you with a feeling of rejuvenation and bliss.

Flow Yoga:
This class is for all levels looking to build a more fluid yoga practice through the use of breath and body. Moving at a gentle and slow pace allows a deeper connection to evolve between body and mind. Come and move with your natural rhythm, create space in the body and release the breath. Get ready to feel rejuvenated and blissful.


Kimberley Turner Bio:
Yoga has been an integral part of my life for almost 8 years now, with a love of dance and other movement modalities balancing out the mix. As a teacher, I lead with a more somatic based approach to yoga, where you move at your individual capability, allowing you to strengthen your internal awareness and trust yourself. As you learn more about your body and new ways to connect with it, you develop healthier life habits and learn new ways to release tension patterns and blocks in your body. As you trust and listen to your body in class, you strengthen that awareness to be able to trust in yourself during the rest of your day.

I have a passion for neuroscience and psychology and a great love of anatomy and the finer points of the body (joints, fascia, neuroplasticity, the power of touch…) and I’m always incorporating these into my classes. This knowledge allows me to be flexible and creative when teaching to different mobility levels and those with previous injuries. When I’m not teaching, I work as a Body-Based Brain Coach which definitely influences how I teach for the better. My philosophy: The more we trust our bodies and ourselves, the easier it is the move through life’s inevitable stresses and challenges.

Website: www.awakeningheartsyoga.com

Gentle Hatha/ Beginners Yoga
This class invites you to explore the inner workings of your body through movement, breath and balance to release tension, develop self-awareness and strengthen the support structure of your body – your spine and other joints. Gentle Hatha is a slower paced class allowing movement options for all mobility levels and experience.

Vinyasa/ Flow Yoga
Invigorate your body and spirit with a continuous dance of breath and movement. Strengthen, lengthen and move through your full range of motion in this fun, energetic and dynamic class. Release tension, laugh and explore what your body is capable of within its current state of being, excited for the growth that happens with time, yet being patient with wherever your body is at in the moment.

Connie’s Bio:
Connie is a 500 hr Yoga Alliance teacher and the creator of Yoga 4 Your Body.
Her certifications include but are not necessarily limited to:

Restorative Yoga
Gentle Yoga and Pain Relief
Meditation and Visualization
Yin Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Energy and Release through Reiki
Yoga Nidra

Connie has always had a love of mind and body and after experiencing health problems felt the desire to share her love for the practice of yoga with others as it helped her immensely to regain her health.

Now dedicated to empowering others through change, Connie shares her beliefs that we can all embrace our potential and start believing in ourselves and our goals by working with our mind through our body.

Facebook: Yoga with Connie

Yoga 4 Your Body
Improve flexibility while strengthening your body. You’ll move through the foundation of each posture, while gaining strength, stretch, and relaxation – whether you’re wanting to cope with tension, relieve tightness in your body, or get in shape. This is a great introduction to beginning a more consistent practice.

Yin Yoga
Through coordinated movement, you’ll flow from one posture to the next while synchronizing the breath. This class is great for helping train the monkey mind of over thinking as you’re attention will want to focus on the ins and outs of your postures. 

Chair Yoga
Chair yoga is a seated practice. It is a gentle way to integrate essential movement into the joints and muscles. In these classes we will be working to encourage length and space throughout the whole body. During classes, we will also take time to work on mindfulness and breath. This practice will help to create openness and space in the body, help to reduce tension, mobilize the body, calm the mind and ease the breath.

Meditation through Visualization
During these classes we will begin to use gentle breathing techniques and visualizations as we learn to move into a place of being calm, still and gentle with ourselves. These classes will either be instructed using a chair or lying on the mat depending on the individuals needs.

Mira Slapinsky Bio:

I first discovered yoga to heal injuries after competing in six Canadian Long Distance Iron Man Competition’s.  I have been very blessed to have learned from incredible people predominantly in Vinyasa and Asthanga but also in Hatha, Anasura, Yin and Kundalini Yoga.

I am a 200 Hour Registered Kundalini Teacher registered yoga teacher and am currently working towards my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Certification with Semperviva.. I believe deeply that yoga is a journey toward the freedom of good health, happiness, longevity and the bliss of Now.  My path is to support others in improving their health holistically and fostering self-discovery and attaining higher levels of consciousness, personal growth and the fulfillment of life’s purpose.

The approach to my classes varies from enthusiastic and energetic to calm and peaceful yet the goals of moving meditation and mind/body awakening remain the same. My passion lies in encouraging others in their personal development and transformation, in finding and living their highest potential, True Being.

Beginners Yoga
This is a gentle Hatha class designed for the beginner. Learn the fundamentals of yoga postures and breathing techniques. Strengthen stretch, tone and relax while having fun.

In this class you will gain insight into the yoga philosophy and cultivate inner body awareness to guide your practice. All levels welcome.

Hatha Flow
A more dynamic sequence of postures that synchronize breath with movement in order to build strength, balance and flexibility.

All levels welcome. Modifications will be offered throughout the class. Increase your muscle tone and flexibility while having fun.

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