Support us


The Coquitlam Legion sponsors many teams and organizations. That sponsorship comes from monies made in gaming through our membership participation. Due to Provincial regulations we cannot access that money to maintain our branch. We operate on a very small budget without any frivolous expenditures.

With that in mind we are looking for support from the Community we serve. We are looking to businesses and citizens to sponsor us. Below is our wish list of items we need. We are looking for items that are current and that we can use. We cannot accept items that are technologically out of date or at the end of their serviceable lives.

Please assist us if you can or you know of someone who might be able to help. If you have something that is not on the list and you think we might be able to use please contact at 604-937-3863.

Our Wish List

  • New big screen televisions
  • Pub style tables and chairs
  • Bistro tables (3 or 4)