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Ladies Auxiliary

Our Legion wouldn’t be as successful without the heart and soul of the Ladies Auxiliary. They help to make many events and activities happen within the Legion and our community.

Name Position
Fran McDiarmid President
Anna Tremere 1st Vice
Marilyn Phelps Treasurer
Kathryn Miller Secretary
Isabelle Nisbet Immediate Past President
Henrietta Smith Sgt at Arms

Executive Committee:

  • Marlene Wagner
  • Wallie Kain
  • Heidi Ling
  • Brandi Forsyth-Bollen

Meat and Fruit Pies

The Ladies Auxiliary bakes meat and fruit pies that available for sale. If you’d like to purchase a pie, please visit the legion to make a request.

  • Meat Pie
    • $3.00 for a 5” diameter Meat pie
    • $3.25 for a 5” diameter Tourtiere pie
    • $9.00 for a 9” diameter Meat pie
    • Chicken, Beef, or Tourtiere
  • Fruit Pie
    • $9.00 for a 9” diameter Fruit pie
    • Apple, Cherry, Strawberry & Rhubarb, Banana Cream,
    • Raisin, Pumpkin, Blueberry, Lemon Meringue
  • Toppings – Crumble or Crust
  • High quality pastry that “is to die for”
  • Other sizes are available as a special order
  • Please be aware that it takes a minimum of 2-3 days until your order is available for pickup at the Coquitlam Legion
  • Payment is cash only
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History of the Ladies Auxiliary to Branch #263 District of Coquitlam

When Coquitlam got their own RCL in 1962, they asked Louise Coombes if she would try and get a Ladies Auxiliary started, which she did in her basement. Mary Fields was out District Zone Commander at that time. She was a big help and she was there to help us out every time we phoned …

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